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SINFONÍA TRÓPICO is an arts and science platform created in 2014, focused on the conservation and protection of biodiversity. We facilitate encounters in the different regions of Colombia, between national and international artists and local teenagers, with the aim to promote the exchange of knowledge, to strengthen a collective identity associated with biodiversity, celebrating their environment, and alerting them to dangers of its destruction.
With our interdisciplinary team we work with communities and individuals that suffer from a history of conflict and environmental degradation on exploring new paths of development through artistic methods and collaborative, creative experiences.
Through art we seek to transform conflicts into opportunities in a creative way, combining local knowledge with innovative ideas. In the last 5 years, we worked with more than 700 young people in the 5 regions of Colombia and focussed our work on places where great biodiversity is mixed with socio-environmental conflicts.
Colombia's unmatched biodiversity is our inspiration. Explore it!
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