"Here is where the jungle lives, here is where the mountain and plain become Selva Grande, here is where the ancestral spirits struggle to stay, here is where the jaguar, the tiger and the anaconda become caretakers from mother earth, here is where people fight every day to survive, here in the Amazon is where the world breathes."


You can find double the amount of the Atlantic fishes in the Amazone river.

The Colombian amazonic bioma is as big as the territory of Germany and England combined.

You can find 60O species of trees per hectare.



Has a great impact on the loss of species -due to the high degree of endemism-, besides contributing to carbon emissions, responsible of climate change.


It induces deforestation and the contamination of pure water. Mercury used in gold mines in rivers accumulates in high concentrations in fish and affects local populations.

Extensive livestock

The extensive livestock fragments and transforms the rain forest into dry and fire-prone areas.

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