We are returning to the regions after two years!

From April 18 to 29, the Peace and Biodiversity Festival will be held in Perijá, in the municipality of Manaure: an exercise in building Peace through the arts, inspired by science, through an experiential process aimed at youth organizations committed to the conservation of the Serranía del Perijá, the Páramos and the Tropical Dry Forest.

The Festival is a space for dialogue between scientists, local experts, artists and young leaders from the municipalities of Manaure - Balcón del Cesar, La Vereda Tierra Grata (Manaure), La Paz and the village of San José de Oriente. The purpose is to create actions and artistic expressions to recognize and celebrate nature and its biodiversity and in turn contribute to the construction of Peace.

Approximately 60 young people will participate in a two-week workshop program and creative process, where science and art come together to inspire and find practical solutions to existing socio-environmental problems, promoting the conservation of biodiversity, and leadership, trust and peace in the territory.

For 14 days there will be artistic creations in Photography (Mateo Pérez), Performance, Muralism (both with Colectivo Atempo), Music (Masilva), Digital Botanical Illustration (Tatiana Arocha), storytelling of the territory (María McCausland and Daniel Castilla Galán), and an inspiring tour of the Serranía del Perijá to learn and share knowledge about this ecosystem, and raise awareness about caring for our common home, about the services it provides us, and the construction of Peace through the dialogue with the community and youth.

The Festival ends on Friday April 29 with an exhibition of artistic creations and a concert.

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