"Color, festivals, beaches, brightness, golden sands, vallenatos, cumbias, history, ports where the great rivers meet with the sea at the foot of the majestic Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the home of the older brothers, the place where the heart of the world beats."

An enormous diversity of ecosystems converges here, ranging from the moorland to the desert, passing through the Tropical Rainforest (Urabá-Darién) and the Dry Forest (Magdalena Medio). All this wealth is threatened by extensive cattle ranching, mining (legal and illegal), the construction of road infrastructure (terrestrial and aquatic -such as the navigability projects of the Magdalena River-), water pollution and uncontrolled tourism. This region includes a megadiverse zone: the Urabá, where the well-known Darien Tapon is located, which is shared with Panama.

Regional problematic


In the Urabá region, the cultivated area covers approximately 62,235 ha (6.1%) and the pasture area 86,160 ha (8.4%).


8,300 km2 (71.2% of the total of the region) are under 564 extractive concessions.


55% of the wood extracted in the last fifteen years in Colombia comes from Urabá.

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