All shades of diversity

The Festival "All shades of diversity" took place in November 2015 in Bogotá. In a new context and with the aim to show all the results of the work developed during one year in Colombia, the experiences and feelings that accompanied the work of Sinfonía Trópico in the Caribbean, Orinoquia, Amazonia, Pacific and Andean regions were revived during the period 2014 -2015.

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The Festival began with Entre Árboles on November 1st, an initiative of the Colectivo Atempo that gave a twist to the daily life of the Parkway in Teusaquillo. Ten recognized artists of urban art worked together in the public space, creating five installation modules with recycled wood. Each of these modules represented one of the five regions of Colombia. On these modules, the artists captured a message about the biological and cultural biodiversity of the country, as well as about its conservation and risks. In the public space, the union of art and science was lived: open, sensitive and accessible to all.

Biocromo - Amazonía


Robert Lippok - ATRATO

The ATRATO and VERDE projects were presented to an audience of more than 250 people on November 17, 2015, at the National Museum of Colombia. The event began with an introduction by Brigitte LG Baptiste (director of Instituto Humboldt and member of the Advisory Board of SINFONÍA TRÓPICO), Mabel Torres (executive director of BioInnova), who came from Quibdó especially for the event and Charlotte Streck, director of SINFONÍA TRÓPICO. In the theatre of the National Museum was presented on three screens ATRATO. When leaving the projection were several screens in the central hall of the National Museum, in which "Green" was projected. The voice of Mercedes Castillo guided the audience through the images and tropical sounds.


Music performance from the diverse regions of Colombia in Flora ars + natura

On Friday, November 20, in FLORA ars + natura, the "SINFONÍA TRÓPICO Marathon" was held: an event focused on presenting artistic and scientific activities that were developed mainly with young people and environmental leaders in each of the regions visited by Sinfonía Trópico during 2014 - 2015. The 6 hours of "Marathon" were divided into blocks dedicated to the regions of Urabá, Orinoquia, Amazone and Páramo de Sumapaz. A full gallery was lived throughout the marathon, with talks, presentations, performances, good food and company of the whole family Sinfonía Trópico. The musicians played to finalize their first ensemble as “snack” of what would be coming for the next day at Casa 9-69.


Exhibition "All shades of diversity"

On Saturday, November 21, the closing ceremony of the Festival SINFONÍA TRÓPICO in Bogotá was held at Casa 9-69. In the first part of this event the exhibition "All shades of diversity" was opened. The curator Caridad Botella managed to create a space for the works of ten national and international plastic artists who participated in Sinfonía Trópico. Through installation, video, photography and painting, artists such as Tatiana Arocha, Peter Ruehle and Mateo Pérez shared their experiences, reflections and realities found along the way, reflecting the richness of biological and cultural diversity.

Closing Concert at Casa 9-69

Carlos Manco with his llamador from Urabá, accompanied by the voice of Juanita Delgado, flooded the room. Almost two hours of concert put the audience to dance bullerengue, joropo and to sing the rap of Gama, of San José del Guaviare, with Camilo Martínez (MASILVA), director of the ensemble and Diego Malaver of the Colectivo Atempo. To the sound of the maracas and the cuatro of the Romero brothers, the poetry of Lelio Carvajal and José Forero of Puerto Gaitán, Santiago Botero with his double bass from Bogotá, Esneider Sandoval magician of the strings from San José del Guaviare and Miguel Holguín, a representative of the Nukak -an indigenous community that inhabits the jungle of Guaviare-, a tribute to the biological and cultural diversity of the country was lived. Miguel Navas from Bogotá and Robert Lippok from Berlin gave the electronic beat to the closing concert. The visuals of Lillevan, artistic director of Sinfonía Trópico, Omar Muñoz of San José del Guaviare and Zaji Chalem, contextualized the music with the biodiverse images of the country.

Closing Concert at Casa 9 - 69

To close the activities, the team enjoyed a wonderful family evening on Sunday, November 22, thanks to the invitation of Katja Kessing, director of the Goethe Institut-Kolumbien. The "Tropical Garden" was an event that brought together the Colombian-German community, with the presence of the German Ambassador Günter Knieß and all the participants of the SINFONÍA TRÓPICO festival.

SIFONÍA TRÓPICO'S directos with the ambassador of Germany in Colombia, Günther Knieß

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