Artistic Projects in the Andean Region

In the Andean region the majesty of the zone was appropriately approached by the SINFONÍA TRÓPICO team, realizing four artistic projects.

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Diversity Mural in Usme

The Colectivo Atempo developed for three months diverse activities with the inhabitants of the Center in the Buena Vista Urbanisation in Usme. The activities were based on the preservation and respect for biological and cultural diversity through workshops. Through the artistic and collective intervention, they managed to recover the common meeting space. They made film projections with scientists and cultural experts, workshops on the recognition of humans as a natural being and their environment, as well as workshops on agriculture and urban art. As a result, they created a public garden and a mural that rescues the fauna and flora of the Sumapaz Páramo.


Pneuma Mapalina -Elizabeth Gallón Droste-
Pneuma Mapalina -Elizabeth Gallón Droste-

A visit to the Páramo de Sumapaz by Pablo Quiroga and Elizabeth Gallón Droste in the company of the zoologist and scientist Jessica Zapata, was the inspiration to reflect on the importance of what is not visible at first sight, of the on-site experience of recognizing and feeling how water is produced through the fog. Together they present an installation - PNEUMA MAPALINA- that focuses on the fragile essence of the Páramo ecosystem, embodied in the image of the threatened frailejón as a habitat where the water source that gives us life resides.


VERDE -Nelson Vergara-

VERDE  was a process carried out by Mercedes Castillo, Nelson Vergara, Javier Olarte, Rodrigo Restrepo and Roberto García Piedrahita. VERDE is concert, installation and documentary. It was developed in three natural scenarios of Colombia: the Darién strait, the Sumapaz Páramo and San José del Guaviare, three different ecosystems and at the same time with common elements, these places are lungs of the planet and water factories. VERDE focuses on human-nature relationships to explore through the emotions, thus promoting other forms of perception and thought.

VERDE -Nelson Vergara-



The Chilean musician and pedagogue Nicolás Alfonso Espinoza developed the artistic project Bíocomposición between June and July 2015 at the IDEAS school in Calí. Twenty three girls and boys participated in the multidisciplinary music therapy workshop, where biology, music, acoustics and art generated an acousmatic collective creation (interpreted by a computer and amplified by loudspeakers), using sounds from nature that were obtained from recordings around the Cañaveralejo River, where most of the participants of the project live and where the workshops were held. The children received classes with professors of biology, music and art. Mandalas were built with natural objects and themes related to life and knowledge of biodiversity.

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