The artistic processes "A Reforested Body" led by Andrés Pineda and "Water Bodies" led by Bayron Orrego are being carried out from August 12 to November 22, 2019 in Mitú.

Because of the richness and the biodiversity that cohabits in this territory there will be developed in these next three months two parallel artistic processes with meetings of one to three times a week, aimed at young people and teachers in training in the municipality of Mitú and its surroundings. These processes are directed by Bayron Orrego and Andrés Pineda, both teachers in Mitú, and will have special guests, such as Luis Fernando Jaramillo Hurtado of SINCHI, the artist and photographer Mateo Pérez Correa, performance artist Fernando Pertuz and the artists and muralists of the Atempo Collective. All of them will support these two processes - Water Bodies and A Reforested Body - reflecting, creating and learning collectively about the Amazon rainforest and its local socio-cultural diversity, through the creation of murals, analog photography, performance, dance, and participatory- creative research. There will be a final presentation on November 21, 2019 in Mitú, where there will be an exhibition/installation of the creative research process of Water Bodies, a great action in the public space of A Reforested Body-where the participation of around 300 young people is planned-, and the three Diversity Murals created during these months will be presented with the support of the artists of the Atempo Collective and the participants of both processes.

Did you know that...

In Yeral language, Mitú means Paujil, a bird representative of the Colombian Amazon. Mitú is the capital of the department of Vaupés, and has an enormous cultural and natural wealth; of the 39 thousand inhabitants of Vaupés, 85% are members of the eastern Tukano and Arawak linguistic families, and the remaining 15% are mestizos, whites and Afro-Colombians. The population of children and young people is approximately 44 % of the total population. It is with this population that the processes "A Reforested Body" led by Andrés Pineda and "Water Bodies" led by Bayron Orrego are being carried out, from August 12 to November 22, 2019. Vaupés concentrates one of the best-preserved areas of tropical rainforest in the Amazon; almost 90% of the Vaupés population lives in the municipality of Mitú and more than 98% of Mitú is part of the Amazon Forest Reserve and the Gran Resguardo del Vaupés, a region of approximately 3.38 million hectares.

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